Day Out: Beacon Fell Country Park

Day Out: Beacon Fell Country Park, UK

A day out in Beacon Fell Country Park, UK. Another fine day last May (2017) we (Emese and I) took a trip to one of our local country parks. These 3 Images are off the same roll as the Lytham day out. The sun was out and and streaming through the trees. How could I not make some photos?!

Beacon Fell Country Park Beacon Fell Country Park Beacon Fell Country Park

Gear used:

With a recently purchased Olympus OM10 with a 35mm lens. I loaded the camera with a roll of Agfa Vista 200 bought for 50p from Poundland as it was in a damaged box. RESULT! Sadly I believe poundland don’t stock the infamous film anymore due to the resurgence of film. Apparently it is worth more than a pound now. I then had the 35mm film developed at my local Max Spielmann as I am yet to buy a development kit and a scanner.

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